Pie. Friday.

Who doesn't love pie?

Who doesn't love Friday?

It's like these two were made for each other (though I am in no way suggesting Pie isn't for Tuesday. Pie is for all the time).

The weather's been a little cooler around here for the past few days, which puts me in a Fall flavor state of mind. And Fall flavors always put me in the mood for Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving comes with....pie, so I was thinking this morning about pie.

Mmmmmm, pie.

And while I was thinking about pie, and the apple pie I'm planning to make this weekend, and Fall flavors again, I started thinking about end of Summer flavors. Like sweet tomatoes. Have you ever had a really good, really fresh, sweet tomato? When my sister and I were little, growing up in NY, and we'd visit my Grandmother on Long Island, we'd be treated to the sweetest, reddest, juiciest tomatoes you could imagine. There's nothing like a Long Island Hothouse Tomato (it deserves the caps). We'd slice those beauties up with a little sea salt, and eat them plain. Or bite into them like you would an apple. They were THAT DELICIOUS.

Anyway, back to pie. Thinking about end of Summer flavors, and those tomatoes, and pie, makes me think of tomato pie. What? Yes, really: tomato pie. Actually, there are so many savory tarts and pies that get such little credit, and THAT started me thinking about how many different kinds of pies are out there: fruit pies, savory pies, meat pies, tarts, quiche (I'm letting it in on a pie crust technicality, AND because my daughter Cate calls it egg pie, which.....sure, yes it's egg pie). And naturally, this makes me think we need something like a day specifically devoted to pie around here, because what is a week without a day for pie?

All of this to tell you it's going to be Pie Friday all up in here starting tomorrow. That's right, PIE just in time for you to get in your kitchen and bake it on Saturday, and then you'll have pie for the weekend, and well....can't you just feel the world becoming a better place already?

It's the power of pie, you guys.

Tomorrow: a quick pie crust tutorial that may or may not include cheating with a Cuisinart, and a recipe for tomato pie. Plan to grill something good on Saturday, because this is a side dish that you're going to want on your plate every day.

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  1. You had me at pie...can't wait! I think I'm going to be loving this little slice of Pickwick Heaven!